at St. Mary’s Assumption Albanian Orthodox Church

The loss of a family member or friend is a difficult time in all our lives. We feel
a great responsibility when entrusted with a loved one’s funeral service. If you
need to plan a service for a loved one please call your chosen funeral home to
make arrangements, and they will contact our priest.

We charge a $300.00 funeral fee for those who are not members of St. Mary’s
Assumption Church. A member is defined as a person that has paid a pledge in
the previous year, and is pledged for the current year. You may fulfill this fee
directly through the church office.

Please find comfort in knowing your loved one’s funeral is of utmost importance
to us, and we have created a healing place for you to pay tribute to their memory.
Once your funeral director contacts our priest, we will have everything we need
to plan the funeral. If you have any questions regarding the service please call
your funeral director.